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My Role

I was asked to create an email template for a new product called Lifescopes that was modern, clean, and easy on the eyes. For this project I worked closely with the marketing team and key stakeholders.

What is Lifescopes?

Lifescopes is a new-age version of a horoscope that delivers you content based on your life stage. When a user signs up for Lifescopes they are asked a series of questions which allows us to deliver the most relevant, up-to-date content every week.


To begin this project I first started by learning a little more about our users. Our target audience for Lifescopes was people aged 30-55+, female, and those who are looking for life guidance. This information helped me determine the approach I should take.

This email template would deliver up to 6 different snippets of content so we needed to make sure it was designed in a way that users could easily skim sections and not feel overwhelmed by the length of the email. Along with that, we needed to make sure we weren't overcrowding the screen with images and graphics.

Mood Board

Once I was ready to start concepting, I created a quick mood board to gather some ideas and get some early feedback from the team. As mentioned above, we wanted to keep this email as simple and as clean as possible which helped us decide on a direction to take.



After we had agreed on a direction, I began creating a few different wireframes to illustrate my ideas and to experiment with multiple layout options.

Overall, we agreed that we would like to have a strong hero image towards the top, individual topic sections, and an inspirational quote that could be shared on different social media platforms. From this information I created the 4 different layout options below.


Final Design

Once we agreed on a layout, I created the final design using Sketch.

At the top of the template we have the main hero image that we could swap out seasonally followed by a short intro paragraph for the user.

After that we have the main content section which displays dynamic content depending on the preferences the user set during signup. We decided not to include an image for each snippet because it started to become too cluttered and busy. Instead, we decided to have an image for every second snippet. We also agreed to add in small icons beside each snippet headline to indicate which category each snippet belonged to. After some usertesting we found that users had a hard time determining the category for each snippet which is what lead us to adding in the icons.

Finally we have shareable quote section. This was an important addition because it allowed users to share the image to their social media accounts which attracted new users to the service.



Overall we were very happy with how this project turned out. We felt that the content was easy to read and understand, while not being too overwhelming for the user.

As of October 2019 we currently have over 80,000 subscribers with a very high satisfaction rate and continue to add new content each week.


Client: Platphorm
Project date: October 2017


Art Direction
Final Designs


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop