For this project I worked with the marketing and product team to create a homepage for Everclear.


To begin this project we first started by creating a list of important elements we wanted to showcase.

For our homepage we felt it was important to show various screens of our app to give users an idea of what they can expect and to demonstrate various features. Additionally, we wanted to include large CTA sections so users can easily download our app.

To explain to users how we are different, we also wanted to have a section that listed our key benefits of using Everclear. This section was important because it highlighted the quality of the service and our advisors.

For the design we agreed to keep the page as simple, and as straightforward as possible. We knew that our user base was slightly older so we needed to make sure everything was easy to follow and understand.


Once we agreed on what content we would like to showcase on our homepage, I used that information to begin some initial wireframes.

Below are three variations we explored. The first exploration focused primarily on the app and key benefits, the second exploration included a section with our brand video, and the final exploration explored a slightly shorter page with the key benefits pushed further to the top.

After some discussion we agreed to move forward with the first and second variation because we felt these two options did the best job of delivering all of our information.


Final Design

For the final design we stayed true to the initial wireframes with a few small additions. Instead of having an image background at the top I wanted to incorporate more branding into the page so I added the blue waves to make the hero section pop. We also decided to add a section towards the bottom that featured our other product, Lifescopes.

Below are the two variations I created. We used each design to AB test which option would preform the best. As of October 2019, we are still continuing to run this test.


Client: Platphorm
Project date: October 2019


UI / UX Design
Art Direction
User Testing